My crappy old #smartphone (that I couldn't find a replacement #battery for) is always plugged in whenever I use it, otherwise it shuts down after a few seconds. The swollen battery has gotten even bigger/worse now. One end is popping out. (I got double-sided tape under it so it stays in place.)

Can't use the phone plugged in without the battery in there, but maybe this is dangerous? 🤔

I use it as a webcam. I'd like to keep using it. But what to do with about battery?
#technology #safety

The last two years my phone ran without the original battery, with 5 volts power from the plug or from a powerbank, directly connected to + and - contacts where the battery once sat. The cable was going out from the back. Maybe I send a photo tomorrow. The phone still operates but is not suitable for everyday use. It can still operate for days or weeks on the power grid.

Really??! 😃 Yes, send a photo, please! 🙏 I don't need to fully use it as a mobile phone. It'll just stay on my desk. So it makes sense to just use a cable and not batteries.

I did try to use another rechargeable battery (but it's a different size) and connected to the + and - terminals. Unfortunately there's a third terminal/contact and I don't know what to do with that. I guess the phone still thinks there's no battery since i had nothing connected to the third one. 😕


Hi @evelynyap, here is the requested image. Be careful when connecting the blank wires, look up usb colors and the electric orientation (+/-) of battery contacts before. You don't need the data wires in the middle.
5 volts is slightly more than 4.2 volts, so no guarantee that your phone survives, but it should do.
The original usb connection of my phone doesn't work anymore, maybe that came from my manipulation.
The connection on the left is a special construction, usually there is a USB plug.

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@hambach18 I tried that but the phone won't turn on. (The phone does still work if I put the old bad battery back. It's just not safe that way.) Should I try a different cable? In the photo are the pastel-colored black & red wires.The cable I used was one I didn't want anymore because it was too slow for charging.

I'm reluctant to strip a good cable since I'm clueless about these things and don't know if that would work. Could it be the cable? 😕

The wires on the photo look white and grey for me, I'm not sure if they are correct coloured. says you need black and red. If you have a device for measuring voltage you could test (red is +).
As a workaround you can use your tongue, hold both wires with a low distance (without short circuit) and it should be fizzy if they are working.
Another thing is my phone needs at least a power supply of 700mA to connect to 3g network and 1000mA for 2g.

@hambach18 Yes, the pink and grey wires are the + and -. There are actually 2 other wires -- green and white. I cut those off. I'll keep trying -- maybe I just need a better quality cable. Thanks. 👍

I also tried this -- using rechargeable AA battery then plugging to the phone charger like normal. Maybe I should've used 2 pieces instead of 1. But for that I should shop for a less flammable tape to better hold things together. 😄 hehe... Masking tape isn't the best idea.

Using just one battery could easily overcharge, I think using three should work. They are rated volts 1.2*3=3.6 so like an empty li-ion battery and can go to 1.4*3=4.2 the upper end of li-ion while going a bit warm.

Would be awesome if you could build a working low capacity replacement. I would implement it at my bike for Navigation when I'm back from traveling (already made a car usb charger loading a powerbank from the dynamo).

This was the AA battery I used. The brand is #eneloop. I use it for my DSLR's flash gun. So you think 3 #batteries would be better?

And that's the swollen battery of my #Cubot #smartphone, also in the photo.

Next time I get out I'll buy electrical or duct tape. Masking tape is no good. Then I'll try the 3-battery set up. The #covid19 virus is still doing the rounds in our cities. So I'm not in any hurry to shop for supplies. 🤓 Maybe I should get better wires too? 🤔

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